KLEO produce minibars, mini coolers for hotels, hospitals, beverage & food companies in Turkey. 

1. Corporate and Retail Sale Services: It constantly supports its customers with direct sale operations, provides project assistance on corporate sales.

2. Dealership Organizations: Negotiates with the companies that want to sell the products in the country and provide after-sale services, and it provides necessary project and introduction support for these services in its market. It creates the results of co-operation necessary for the continuation of these negotiations.

3. International Marketing Activities: It makes world-wide preparations for new products and new markets. It provides necessary negotiations by researching distributor or sale channels. It makes the necessary agreements as a result of the negotiations.

4. Product Management: It carries out directing researches about technological developments and design of the products. It prepares projects to realize them and makes reports by getting end user feedback according to the production results.

5. International Agreements: It enables international agreements, whose administrative,legal and risk conditions are defined in the correct and proper way for the parties, according to the contents of the commercial capabilities, to be arranged.

KLEO accredited with hotel chains such as Wyndham, Accor, Hilton, Rixos, most of their hotels already using our minibar. Apart from that, in many hotels, our minibars are used with the brand name of Kleo or with different brands used by our suppliers. We would like to express that I will be very happy to work with you on your special projects


Minibar, Safe Box, Welcome Tray, Luggage Tray, Minibar Trolley

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