Pluskim is producer Polyurethane Raw Materials for different industries; Footwear, Sandwich Panel, Spray Application, Flexible furniture systems and 45.000 Ton/year system capacity We aim to respond to requests and orders from all around the world instantly, thanks to our technical competence and to our steady growth. PLUSKIM does not only seek to be an integrated brand by only a product based, but also to look after our customer satisfaction. With a team which is fast, young, sincere and open to learn and teach, it continues to grow by transferring the experiences gained by 2008 to be beneficial to its customers. The paths we take and our goals are open and transparent to the outside in order to offer the best service and products for you.


Polyurethane Raw Materials for different industries; Sandwich Panel Producer (Polyurethane And Pir), Fridge And Freezer (Home And İndustrial Type), Cold Room Panel Producer (Polyurethane), Office Seat And Foam Producer, Decorative Polyurethane Panel Producer, Footwear Sole and Sandal Producer, Safety Shoes (Polyurethane) Producer

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