Polikim has 50 years of experience in the industrial plastics market as the leading manufacturer and exporter of turkey, who always focuses on producing goods with advanced technology.   Polikim manufactures semi-finished products(rods,tubes,sheet)of PA6G,PE,PTFE,POM and provide full engineering solutions from initial concept to completion. Polikim products in the categories construction, mining, agriculture,energy,iron&steel,petroleum, textile are bearings, sliding bearings, pulleys, sheaves, electric insulators, o-rings,seal elements, gaskets, piston rings, machine compenents.


PA6G Rods,Tubes, Sheets,Bearings, Sheaves, Pulleys, Machine components -PE Rods,Tubes, Sheets, Conveyor Belts, Bunker linings, Silo linings

PTFE Rods,Tubes, Sheets, Gaskets, Electric Insulators, O-Rings, V-Rings, Gaskets -POM Rods,Tubes, Sheets, Gears, Bearings, Bushes, Pumps

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