PRODUCTS: Architect And Engineering Services, Contracting Works, Furniture, Construction Chemicals

Turhan Business and Investment), in short, TIYA, is an organization that brings together experts from different disciplines from all over the world and offers contemporary, innovative, and sustainable investment, management, and consultancy solutions in the international arena.


Daumer is high quality and well-established constructions materials brand under TIYA. Daumer has a wide range of product lines including tile adhesives, cement-based plasters and mortars, and External Thermal Insulation Composite System (or simply ETICS - EPS, XPS, Mineral wool, Stonewool, Adhesive and decorative mineral renders) suitable insulation products.


Merexim is founded by TIYA to respond to the market's need to find quality raw materials and reliable formulations. Merexim offers high purity construction-grade HPMC, and HEMC in various viscosity, and high-quality redispersible polymer powder variations suitable for different purposes.

CONTACT: Mr. Engin TURHAN / Company Owner

E-MAIL: gul.turhan@turhanmimarlik.com.tr